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Why TORRIE and how did she get here?

Why TORRIE and how did she get here?

Written By Tracey Deitz

TORRIE originated from two different places at the same time. I had always wanted to use my Hebrew name Tori… so when I started brainstorming my new company name and as I thought about what my offerings were and why I was offering them inventory was a recurring word. My [original] vision for TORRIE was to have a small selection of items to market to fellow stagers to make the prep-side of their staging business easier. I thought about manufacturing some of the items I designed and made for my own staging business.

And then came COVID. Which brought those original ideas to a halt. Well, maybe that’s a little dramatic. I probably could have continued down that road, but with material costs skyrocketing, raw material not in stock or long back-orders… Phase I got bumped and Phase II took the lead.

So, here we are. TORRIE launched an online digital shop with on-the-go image presets and social posting templates for independent stagers, designers, and relators so they can show up big in the fast-paced, competitive real estate market with fresh, beautiful, real-time marketing.

We hope you come back and visit us!! We will have lots of tips, tricks and fun things to share as we continue down this road of solopreneurship!

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