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Building your business in this industry is all about sharing your voice. It’s about being seen.


Founder & Fellow Stager

Hi, I’m Tracey Deitz, founder of TORRIE. For over 17 years, I’ve proudly worked to build a thriving, one-woman-show staging and design business from the ground up. Some of you, especially friends in the Central New York region, may have heard of it: reDESIGNed Inc. Throughout my journey as a fellow interior stager and designer, the number one challenge I continue to face daily is how to do more with what seems to never be enough time. I’ve leaned on sweat equity, working smart, nurturing industry relationships, and showing up at my best to create the successful business I’m proud to lead today. That being said, I relate firsthand to the immense load it can be to “do it all yourself” as well as the trips, falls, and effort it takes to build a business in this industry. I also believe there is more than enough work to go around for us all. I want you to succeed and I’m inspired to create tools for ALL our businesses and teams to show up big while staying small.

As small business owners, we create a name for ourselves through every job we complete and every piece of content posted online. Working fast while on-the-go has never been more important. I’m inspired to help us all do more without taking on more. TORRIE was born out of inspiration to provide women and other fellow business builders in this industry to SHOW UP BIG online. If that mission hits home, I am so glad you’ve found us.