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Shelter Magazines, Pinterest, YouTube… Oh My!

I guess it’s no surprise to fathom I get my design inspiration from the typical places one would think a designer would look. But, what does surprise me, is that I ALWAYS get a pretty significant takeaway when I do go online.

Sometimes it’s just as simple as seeing a different way a piece of art is framed or how a particular grouping is arranged. That’s enough to get me excited about trying something similar.

And then there are the Podcasts, WoW! I am in my car quite a bit, so I love to be educated/entertained via Podcasts. Podcasts have lead me to connect with new people on LinkedIn, discovering new designers, books, products, stores, get-a-ways… it’s incredible the knowledge you can gain… while getting from A to B.

Where do you get your inspiration from? I would love to hear more!

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