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Pivot is Just Another Way to Say Opportunity

A pivot can be a fundamental change; a change in your direction.

A few years ago, I decided to stop taking on interior design clients. I didn’t love it anymore. People believed the HGTV shows they binged, thinking you really could pull-off a renovation in three or four episodes. Not to mention Pinterest! Don’t get me wrong, I have over 12k pins… it’s my own personal catalog, I shop it first!

It wasn’t fun anymore, design used to be about bringing out a client’s style and taking it to a level they themselves could not have imagined. Now it’s more like, the client saying ‘let me know if I’m going in the right direction’ and by the way, I found that same sofa you pinned for 75% off!

So I pivoted. I started my design career at the same time I started staging vacant homes. Staging was giving me so much more satisfaction than the interior design side of my work life, so I decided to go all-in! That was 3+ years ago and I am so happy that I took that leap to go in a different direction with my business.

I still get to get my design on, and get the satisfaction of completing a room. Appealing to several eyes instead of managing the taste of she said/he said they/said.

I guess at the end of the day I dug deep to align more with what I loved to do at the core and saw the opportunity to go in a different direction with just a small pivot.

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