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…that’s why I have Fiverr on speed dial!

It really does. Recently, like yesterday, I was checking off my TORRIE to-do punch list and making some great progress. Next on my list start walking my talk, and start posting on social media with all the gorgeous templates I had just created!

It’s pretty amazing. You create your design [or edit your template] in Canva, save it and then from Canva you can send that design directly to the social media accounts you have connected to your Canva account. It should be something you can execute simply and easily except when it’s not easy and something is stuck.

After several frustrating hours [ok, it was actually a day and a half, true story] I still could not fix how my Facebook, Instagram, and Canva interacted with each other. I can’t believe I wasted so much time on this, I am the Queen of Fiverr! It’s my go-to for most of the quick easy fixes/help I need for my business.

Within 5 minutes!!! I had Najam [who I found on Fiverr] working on this backend social media puzzle. To this day, I do not know exactly what happened to my Facebook business page…but it works great…and, my beautiful templates are effortlessly posted from Canva to my social channels!

The end.

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